A window on the imaginary
By going through drawing, I try to compose, to make sense, to create a universe related to the idea that I want to develop. These shapes, colors and materials are then placed on the canvas.

The themes often selected are social phenomena, such as the environment, communication, commitment or the choice of a horizon.
I also regularly opt for the expression of emotions and myths that emerge from certain sites and landscapes.

Through the look on my paintings I try to evoke the sensation of silence, space and light.

Abstraction evokes, invites the mind to wander. Through my paintings, I encourage to suggest the opening of a window on the imaginary.



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 9 themes presented :
                  - The news                      - Here or somewhere else
                - Far North                     - Country of the long white cloud
                - Horizons                       - Norway
                - Commitment                  - The Reds
                                                       - Others

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